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All in one APP for Equity, Commodity, Currency, Mutual fund, Bonds, IPO and ETF.

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Exclusive Features

Simple & Elegant UI

With a simple and carefully designed UI, buying, selling, analyzing, and managing your investments, everything's just a touch away. You can also pretty much configure the APP to your taste with a host of self-design features such a language options, Finger print access, Color Themes, Order settings etc.

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Online Margins

Buy and Sell with ease. Our Order entry screens deliver real time margin requirements for your trades.

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Option Strategy Builder with Payoff Chart

Build or use ready-made option strategies such as Straddle, Strangle, Ratio Spread, Butterfly, etc. with ease. Know the margin requirements, max profit and max loss before executing any strategy. Use this feature to execute 1 leg option to 4 leg option trades.

Basket Orders

Use Basket Order to send multiple orders in different securities to the exchange at the same time. You can create and save baskets for using them in the future. Use Baskets to create SIP orders, Derivative strategies or simply use our readymade ETF baskets to fulfill your investment goals.

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Trading from Charts

We have created this feature for charting enthusiast. Place orders, Modify and Cancel directly from Charts. Just drag and drop. That’s it.

Tools you can use

Access real time feeds on World Equity, Commodity and Currency Markets. Access our Blog, UNIV education platform, watch our videos and screen stocks on technical and fundamental parameters using Screener option. Use our Margin calculator to check out hedge margin requirements. Share any APP screen with your friends and family by a single touch on social platforms.


All in One APP

We have created Rocket as one APP for everything. Invest in Equities, Derivatives, Currency, commodities, Mutual funds, IPO, and Bonds. view your Trading Reports, view and edit your profile... all with just one APP.

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Charts you would love

We bring your Trading view charts with Options to create and save your own templates. Wide range of Indicators and drawing tools to choose from. Directly Buy and Sell from charts once you have done your analysis.

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Fundamental, Technical data, Ideas and Price Alerts

Analyze stocks with ease with real time technical data and social trading ideas and then create your alerts for everything in stock market and be alerted by APP notifications so that you never have to miss the opportunity.

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