PIS account is not required for a NRO account. In case of  NRO account a special account will be opened to make sure that taxes if any are deducted at source, the bank will verify if the tra..

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Technical Analysis Workshop in Chennai

Posted on 22-Jul-2015Comments  0

       .. Technical Analysis with Tradeplus Partnered with Traders Cockpit to bring you quality content!   An awesome 2 day TA workshop in Chennai Tradeplus has partnered with...

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Intra-day Leverage now in Options Trading

Posted on 29-Oct-2014Comments  1

We are glad to inform you that Intra-day leverage is provided in the Options Segment for selling as illustrated below:  Segment Intra-day Leverage under product code “MIS” O...

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Why it is the Right Time to sell puts on the Nifty...

Posted on 19-May-2015Comments  0

The Nifty Index has showed a high degree resilience to bounce back from the 8050 levels and has already recovered close to 4% from the lows. Having said that, the Nifty is still about 10% below its pe...

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All in one place its nice to see that discount broker offering all investment services

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Great Team, superb

Is weekly expiry of Bank Nifty..


I think liquidity is the key factor and as far as current history goes volumes in these options basically higher on the expiry day..

Is weekly expiry of Bank Nifty..



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Dear Team, I have a small request that is we actually need cover order with limit order placement whereas some of the brokers are ..

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