PIS account is not required for a NRO account. In case of  NRO account a special account will be opened to make sure that taxes if any are deducted at source, the bank will verify if the tra..

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Right time to create an Equity SIP ?

Posted on 06-Jul-2015Comments  8

Nifty and the Sensex have exhibited extreme volatility over the past couple of months. After touching a high of 9119 on March 04th, the Nifty has shown sharp bouts of corrections and bounces marked by...

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Empower your trading with quality research tips

Posted on 20-Aug-2015Comments  1

  Do you know, 22 (88%) out of 25 Research Calls flashed in Futures segment have been profit calls in Aug’15? In the Commodity segment 84% ...

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New Stock Alerts System at your service

Posted on 15-Jun-2015Comments  4

We are glad to present you Alerts Management System (AMS). This system is an unique stock alerts system that lets you trigger your favourite technical, fundamental and news alerts on any given stock o...

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Is weekly expiry of Bank Nifty options a good opportunity for traders?

Posted on 17-May-2017Comments  2

The idea of weekly Nifty Options is nothing new. The idea has been experimented with in the past, although without much success. The big change came about when NSE got the approval from SEBI to introd...

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Is weekly expiry of Bank Nifty..



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